ZeroF Resources

Discover the latest public deliverables, publications, and press coverage of the ZeroF project. Stay up-to-date with our progress and learn more about our efforts to develop safe and sustainable coating technologies to replace PFAS.

Public Deliverables

WP1 Coordination and management
  • D1.2 Ethics plan
  • D1.3 Data management plan
  • D1.4 Updated data management plan
WP6 Safe- and sustainable-by-design integration, assessment and certification
  • D6.1 Report on safe- and sustainable-by-design methodological framework
  • D6.2 Report on regulatory, certification and essential requirements mapping
  • D6.6 Report on safe- and sustainable-by-design guidelines and best practice
  • D6.7 Report strategic certification roadmap to achieve cost-effective certification compliance
WP7 Communication, dissemination and exploitation
  • D7.1 Dissemination and communication plan
  • D7.2 Awareness campaign strategy and action plan
  • D7.4 Impact study
  • D7.5 Updated dissemination and communication plan
  • D7.6 Final dissemination and communication plan

Other Resources

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Check out our press review and releases as well as promotional materials. These resources provide a deeper look into the project's objectives, progress, and outcomes and highlight its potential impact on the industry and society. Stay informed and share our materials with your network to help spread the word about this important initiative.